Learn how Searched & Found provided Knuula, an engagement letter and business form software provider, with a 79% increase in site traffic within 12 months.


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Knuula is a software provider for businesses that need to generate and send engagement letters, intake forms, and other organizers in batches. While they had a solid business model and an excellent product, their organic search traffic was floundering, and revenue was suffering because of it. So, they contacted Searched & Found.


Knuula’s owners understood the need to invest in SEO, especially when they could see their website falling lower in the search engines when it should have been rising. They knew they had to strengthen their SEO to remain competitive. They hired Searched & Found with one goal in mind, which was to improve their organic search traffic. They felt this was the best way to increase brand awareness, improve rankings, and increase conversion rates.


As always, Searched & Found began with a thorough analysis. They focused on SEO optimization, keyword strength, and high-quality backlinks to see where Knuula stood. All of these areas required improvement. So, Searched & Found recommended a growth strategy that included creating fresh content, optimizing the SEO for new and existing content, and acquiring high-quality backlinks to their product pages.


Within 18 months, Knuula’s organic search traffic doubled, the top three keyword growth tripled, and Page 1 keywords doubled. Currently, they rank for over 21,000 keywords, which continues to climb. Adding the backlinks also strengthened the domain authority, which supported all other SEO efforts. Together, Knuula and Searched & Found accomplished the goal of increasing organic search and then some.
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