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Learn how Searched & Found provided development and design company Virginia Builders with a 174% increase in organic revenue through SEO.


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Working closely with Virginia Builders, Searched & Found launched a complex SEO backlinking campaign. Searched & Found also devised keyword research and a content strategy to amplify Virginia Builders’ already established brand, producing a record growth of a 174% increase in organic revenue over 12 months. Virginia Builders is a fully integrated development and design company with over 40 years of experience in Hampton Roads, Virginia. As a company achieves success, it outgrows its ability to manage marketing internally, as was the case with Virginia Builders. Online marketing involves many facets, and it can be challenging for an in-house team to keep up with all of them in addition to their other projects. In this case, Virginia Builders found themselves lacking in the areas of SEO and website optimization.


Virginia Builder’s overall website and SEO were not optimized properly. They didn’t know what keywords they should be targeting to rank for. Thus, many of their efforts were not producing any results. In a lot of cases, high-opportunity keywords were overlooked. In other instances, the wrong keywords were targeted. In addition to preventing them from increasing their search traffic, it was a barrier to strengthening Domain Authority (DA).


Searched & Found targeted Viginia Builders’ unique needs and increased the variety of creative elements, attracting new customers as well as inviting existing customers to select Virginia Builders again for their next construction project. We employed a strategic plan for acquiring legitimate backlinks to strengthen Virginia Builders’ SEO. Part of the plan was creating more high-quality pages that naturally attracted backlinks and then promoting them to relevant sources. We worked with Virginia Builders to tap into their rich expertise in the construction industry to enhance their content, showcasing their authority with infographics and other quality visuals. We also applied the results of our keyword research, refining existing keywords and adding new ones that better matched Virginia Builders’ services and audience needs. By doing so, Searched & Found doubled the company website’s conversion rate within 12 months.


By better targeting specific keywords, including a balanced mix of non-branded and branded search terms, Searched & Found increased Virginia Builders’ lead form submissions by 91%. In addition, they increased organic traffic by 297% within 12 months. Altogether, Virginia Builders increased their organic revenue by 174%.
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