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Working closely with multiple teams at Pacific Psych Centers, we executed a three-pronged SEO strategy that increased their overall rankings by 83% within twelve months.


Position for Top Psychiatry Keywords


Top Three Keyword Growth


Increase in Page 1 Keyword Growth


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Revenue Increase
During the site audit, Searched & Found noticed several missed organic search opportunities due to weak or missing keywords. We presented a detailed strategy for adjusting their existing SEO plan. After winning over the competition, Searched & Found landed the opportunity to partner with Pacific Psych Centers. We deployed our proposed growth strategy for their website. By creating unique content, we optimized the on-page signals of the facility’s website to model the best SEO practices. This enabled Pacific Psych Centers to surpass its competitors and acquire credible backlinks to its pages. Thus, Searched & Found delivered promised results that surpassed the original, in-house growth plan in less time than estimated.


While Pacific Psych Centers was a successful practice, their challenge was to increase brand awareness to the local target audience and beyond because patients seeking treatment often travel long distances for quality programs. This clinic was also one of the first in the country to offer specific alternative therapies like ketamine to treat depression. So, they wanted to start ranking for these types of keywords. After reviewing their website, Searched & Found identified some errors that went against SEO best practices. Because of these errors, the site wasn’t ranking as high as expected, mainly because Google couldn’t index the pages. Additionally, their keywords weren’t ranking despite being on target within the healthcare field. Almost all their keywords were buried on page 50+, not on Page 1 of Google.


Searched & Found developed and executed a customized, three-pronged SEO approach to mitigate these ranking challenges along with correcting the indexing errors on Pacific Psych Centers’ website. This strategy focused on the three main pillars of SEO: On-page optimizations, content strategy, and high-quality backlink acquisition. We first completed an in-depth analysis for each pillar and tailored the strategy accordingly. That included researching the field, Pacific Psych Centers’ competitors, and Pacific Psych Centers’ success rate within the field. Armed with those results, we could optimize each page and refine keywords accordingly. That formed the basis of the growth strategy for increasing traffic on Pacific Psych Center’s website. That also included a very aggressive link-building campaign over the course of 12 months.


Within twelve months, Pacific’s Page 1 keyword growth has increased by 121% and continues to rise. The site ranks among the top three Google spots for several high-volume and relevant keywords.
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