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Zoe Behavioral Health is an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA. They specialize in individualized mental health treatment and outpatient treatment programs, therapy sessions, and counseling. While they are a dedicated mental health professionals team, their site was not performing well on Google and other search engines.


Zoe Behavioral Health’s current approach to digital marketing, including paid search, was not comprehensive. What paid ads they had were not performing as they should and generating less revenue than projected. In addition, they had very low Page 1 rankings and sometimes found they were not landing within the top 10 positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Searched & Found responded by taking a fully managed digital approach. They began literally at the beginning, analyzing the current campaigns, website, and ad content. In addition, the Searched & Found team conducted an in-depth keyword analysis. They also performed similar analyses on the competitors to see what keywords they ranked for in the SERPs.Armed with that data, Searched & Found completely revamped their paid search content, creating new content and targeting stronger keywords. Searched & Found ensured that the content presented across platforms (paid ads, website, and social media posts) was cohesive and clearly represented the organization and its mission.


Once Searched & Found launched these new campaigns, Zoe Behavioral Health presented a more cohesive, targeted brand to potential clients. This has trippled organic traffic over the past 18 months. Also, by implementing a link-building campaign and a robust content strategy plan, Searched & Found provided sustainable monthly growth in page rankings, keyword strength, organic session increases, and new leads.
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